Where in the Yard to Plant?

Today was an absolutely perfect day to be out in the yard, 62* and sunny. Boy, does that bring on spring fever!

So, I went walking around looking for the perfect spot for my garden.

Where I want to plant the Hostas is easy.
Side area for Hostas

It is a wooded side area in the back that does not get sun.

Hope they like the slope.

But, where to plant the vegetable garden is not so obvious.  However, not much of the yard gets any sun so I am limited.  And, there is no place in the yard that is level so I’ll have to bring in mulch and soil to take care of that!

Garden SpotI decided on this nice little spot in the front side yard near the creek.  We  staked it out so, weather permitting, we can have it tilled this week and get it ready for mulch and good soil. Here we go!Garden Area



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4 responses to “Where in the Yard to Plant?

  1. laurarittenhouse

    62 is not a temp that gives me spring fever! Are you nuts? That’s deep winter weather.

    I can see you and I are going to have to think about entirely different plants. In my garden in Sydney I can’t grow anything that likes a cold snap. That puts paid to blueberries and raspberries :-( And I just looked up ginger, looks like you won’t have much luck growing it. No homegrown ginger beer for you.

  2. No! I must have ginger beer. So, does this mean we’ll have to buy ginger from the retailers??? Noooo!

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