My name is Karen and I am a wife, mother of two grown sons and a full-time real estate investor.

This year, I have decided to take on gardening as my new hobby, source of exercise and relaxation and life growing opportunity!  Life growing in my garden and an opportunity for my own life to expand by the wonderful new experience I’ll have with nature.

I hope you’ll join me here to learn along with me and, even more, to guide me through my endeavors by sharing your own knowledge and experience with growing your garden.

Happy Harvesting!



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  1. Karen


    Last frost date around here is April 15 DO NOT plant anything except cool weather stuff ( peas, broccoli, spinach cauliflower to name a few) before then And don’t plant those until the very last of Feb or the first couple of weeks in March .The soil needs to be at least 60 degrees ( night time temp) for things like beans.
    Eggplant squash tomatoes and corn all like the soil and the air temp much higher.
    Google any vegetable you are going to plant and find out the pertinent info

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