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Tilling the Garden

Garden Tilling

Ok so, here’s the thing.  Call 811 before you dig to find out where your utilities are!

Yup, we hit the yellow tape for the gas line.  Had to stop and call them to come out and mark the line.  Took about 48 hours.  Then, we had to move the garden over only, fortunately, by about a foot.  Whew!  That was close!


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How to Create a 4×4 Garden

4x4 Fram GridThanks for sending this site, Mimi.  I am going to try to follow a lot of it, like the dates of when to plant the first crop, then later to plant something else.  Have you done that before?

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too late to plant Peas???

Mimi told me this today:

Peas “Farmer at Farmer’s Market here today verified that it is getting late to plant peas. You’re zone 7. He says as soon as possible!”

So, what do I do???   We’ve had so much snow and freezing weather this year that the guys haven’t even tilled yet. They said the ground is still frozen solid about 4″ down.

I’m panicking!

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Where in the Yard to Plant?

Today was an absolutely perfect day to be out in the yard, 62* and sunny. Boy, does that bring on spring fever!

So, I went walking around looking for the perfect spot for my garden.

Where I want to plant the Hostas is easy.
Side area for Hostas

It is a wooded side area in the back that does not get sun.

Hope they like the slope.

But, where to plant the vegetable garden is not so obvious.  However, not much of the yard gets any sun so I am limited.  And, there is no place in the yard that is level so I’ll have to bring in mulch and soil to take care of that!

Garden SpotI decided on this nice little spot in the front side yard near the creek.  We  staked it out so, weather permitting, we can have it tilled this week and get it ready for mulch and good soil. Here we go!Garden Area


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To Hosta or not to Hosta..

Hi Guys:

I have one side of the yard that is sloped and very shady.  I want to know what to put there and I asked about Hostas.  I would love to have about 45 varieties there!

side area for Hostas

One suggestion was to get them from Lowe’s or Home Depot as the pricing is good and they will let you return them for up to a year if they die.

Another person suggested the Farmer’s Market which I absolutely love!  That’s where I found so many of my yard plants as well as the company that put the water feature and plants in our front yard.

Can’t wait to shop!

Hosta Sites:

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Welcome to My Garden

Or.. what will, hopefully, soon be one!

It’s that time of year.  Time to get the garden ready to be planted.

I’m in a new house this year with a yard that has never had a garden.  My first job is to pick the perfect spot for a vegetable garden!  Next, till the soil and add the mulch, nutrients, etc. that will help to make things grow.

This will be my first experience with gardening and I’m excited, but a bit overwhelmed.  The amount I don’t know about gardening is embarrassing..

So, I’m asking for help.  As I post my efforts and my questions here, I hope you’ll be quick to jump in with advice.

Thanking you in advance!


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